Which arch to choose for your ceremony?

An arch is the masterpiece of a secular or religious ceremony. Outdoor or indoors, this large setting serves as an altar for the exchange of vows.

The moment when we say yes is a dream moment. The arch acts as a stage for the bride and groom, creating an intimate space, an instant just for lovers in a romantic setting, a nest of love.

Whatever the style of your big day, the theme and the spirit sought, we realize for you a unique arch that will adapt to the atmosphere you dream of.

  • Rectangular arch

  • Round golden arch

  • Hexagonal golden arch

  • Semicircle arch

  • Natural arch

The Rectangular Arch

An arch made of birch wood, whether it is embellished with curtains or not according to your wishes.

These draped curtains give a very romantic side to this pretty arch.
If the ceremony takes place at the end of the day, we can add LED garlands to illuminate the arch.

Arche bouleau avec voilages roses poudrés

The Round Golden Arch

This beautiful golden round arch can be fully flowered! It is also very pretty flowered asymmetrically, or simply on the top.

The Hexagonal Golden Arch

This hexagon shaped arch, Scandinavian inspired will be perfect for your secular or religious wedding ceremony outdoors!

The gold of the ark goes perfectly with the colors beige, powder pink, and the sweet pampas herbs of our floral compositions!

The semicircle arch

A great classic for wedding ceremonies! This arch entirely covered with flowers has an incredible allure. The David Austin Juliet garden roses that make up this arch, among other things, make it sumptuous.

arche mariage cérémonie laique

Natural arch

The natural floral arch is made on a beautiful stone wall, a church door or even for an indoor ceremony.

This arch without visible structure is an entire creation. A beautiful base of foliage, a few flowers and voila! With a less sophisticated appearance than the round or hexagonal arch, it is very elegant and will be perfect for a refined and chic ceremony decor.

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